Untapped On Tap

Tap Into Untapped’s Transformative Innovation Thinking – When You Need It

The day-to-day demands of innovation projects can make it hard to find time to keep bringing fresh thinking and outside perspective. Our new OnTap services offer you a regular supply of innovation inspiration, tools and tips as well as partner calls to provide you with an advisory “sounding board” to work through your innovation challenges.


OnTap Connect

OnTap Publications

OnTap Innovation Gym

Untapped OnTap is a new type of innovation subscription that brings you regular fast-track access to expert innovation insight and thinking, when and how you need it.

OnTap Connect

‘1:1 Partner Calls

Support calls to think through your day-to-day challenges, sharing the latest tips and methodologies for research and ideation.

Extended Partner Calls’

Longer calls and deeper support for your toughest challenges.

OnTap Publications


A regular provocative and actionable trends magazine.


Our rigorous case study spotlight, with lessons from real-time market innovations.


A ’tools & techniques’ workbook sharing the latest tips and methodologies for research and ideation.

Innovation Gym

Innovation Gym Sessions

Focussed high-intensity workout sessions to tone your “innovation muscles”.

How it works

Choose from the 3 plans: OnTap Agile, Professional or Premium.

Each option has a specific number of credits that can be used every 3 months. With your credits, you can choose from a menu of different options such as the indepth magazines or more bespoke partner calls.

Or a combination of both, it’s up to you.

Reduced rates are available for Not For Profit’s or SME’s. Please get in touch to discuss

“This service could really empower my team, fast-track access to experts could accelerate our projects”

 FMCG Innovation Director