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Transformative ideas, faster
We help you create better products and services by untapping human needs, future trends and technical possibilities.

Transformative Ideas Faster

Do you need a futureproof pipeline of brilliant new ideas, based on deep insight and unmet human needs?

Do you want to make well-informed choices about where you concentrate resources and investment?

Do you need to foster a culture of innovation in your team?

“Untapped understand the consumer and the product. They delivered beyond expectation to uncover deep emotional insight and detailed product design recommendations.”

R&D Director, Food & Beverage


Untapped Thinking

Collaboration – The Smart Way To Invest In Innovation?

Untapped shows how new innovation opportunities with a high return on investment can span far beyond the competencies of the core offering. During a recent review of innovation case studies, we were struck by how many brand, product or service-based...

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How do you ensure your Innovation is a Smart Investment?

We are often asked by our clients ‘how do you measure the return on investment of your innovation approaches?’ As no two projects are the same, a simple, reapplicable ROI measure is difficult to find. What you can assess however, are innovation opportunities and how...

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How The Pandemic Is Changing Consumer Behaviour In China

How The Pandemic Is Changing Consumer Behaviour In China

Turbulent times accelerate change. Given that China is a couple of months ahead of Europe and North America in the Covid-19 pandemic, we are starting to see how longer-term changes may play out globally. We asked our expert Chinese research associate, Weiwei Yang, to...

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