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Research Tips For Sensitive Topics

We’ve broken down our innovation research for sensitive topics into 10 easy to remember tips, designed especially for research and development teams innovating within the fmcg and consumer healthcare sectors. 1 | Research Objectives As with any user research, it is critical to identify your...

Feature: Girls in STEM

STEM Untapped Mentor, Katie Hillan: 5th Year Medical Chemistry Student

STEM Untapped Mentor, Katie Hillan: 5th Year Medical Chemistry Student

Katie shares her STEM story with Untapped Innovation as a 5th year MSci student, studying and managing a placement throughout COVID, Navigating a change in career mindset early on and moments of imposter syndrome, Katie looks back and offers her pieces of advice to...

The Increasing Need for MVP Development

The Increasing Need for MVP Development

The benefits of MVP development, or "Minimum Viable Product" are well known in the tech world. However, we find that the worlds of fmcg and Consumer Healthcare use MVP thinking less. This is a substantial missed opportunity as we believe that using MVP thinking in...

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10 minutes with… Kimberly-Clark

We go behind the scenes with Nuala Donnelly and Federico Pasquini from Kimberly-Clark to chat about Product of the Year UK 2021 winner, Andrex Classic Clean with 3D Wave. Click below to watch. In our first ever, '10 minutes with...', we discuss the story behind...

Setting Up Research For Success

There is increasing pressure on brands to unearth new powerful insight with research that goes deeper, yet budget and time constraints present a challenge. Research methodologies are continually evolving to reveal deeper insight with greater agility, so how can...

Magical Stories: 5 Lessons for Innovation

We love how stories are so central to human experiences and how powerful they are in connecting with people. As we all head back to work, school and reality after the summer holiday season, we give you five lessons on why stories help us innovate:   1. Stories...

Inventing Emotional Innovation

In today’s world we know that brands will only be successful if they connect emotionally with their users.  This is more straight forward for markets that create an obvious and close bond with consumers such as fashion or travel, but how often are we doing this...

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