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Artificial Intelligence: an exciting new chapter for the insight industry

At Untapped Innovation, we’ve been closely monitoring the ever-increasing number of AI enabled suppliers, and assessing the potential opportunities to harness AI to strengthen our work. Late last year, one of our expert associates, Bryony Hughes, attended the Innovation Insights Summit, hosted by Mike Stevens of Insight Platforms, to discover more.

Feature: Girls in STEM

Students from Slovakia Transforming the World of STEM Education

Students from Slovakia Transforming the World of STEM Education

Adriana Talianova, Analog Astronaut, Researcher & Co-founder and COO at Chance, during the Analog Astronaut Training in Husavik, Iceland Most people use the phrase “reach for the stars” as a metaphor, a way of saying to dream big, but in my case, I took it a bit...

An Insight into PhD’s

An Insight into PhD’s

What are you doing your PhD in and what did you study at school / uni that led you onto this? My PhD is looking at the link between repeatedly heading a ball in football and injury to the brain!  I’m looking at data from current football players while they head a...

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