Author:Sally Kemkers

Human vs. Tech Led Innovation: Who Will Win?

At Untapped we’re always interested in how people see human vs. tech led innovation. This week the very fabulous Erin Baker has given us her expert opinion. Erin is New Car Editorial Director at Auto Trader. She acts as consultant to Goodwood on their motoring content and is the former Motoring Editor of The Daily Telegraph. She appears on Sky News and BBC 5Live as a talking head on automotive matters and contributes to Vanity Fair' s En Route supplement. Here’s what she had to say …   Cars have always been at the front of technology-led innovation; the automotive industry has had to disrupt, diversify and innovate to survive the vagueries of economical and environmental challenges for over 100 years. But cars aren't robots: they're cherished personal possessions, and expensive ones at that....

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GDPR: Human Centred Good Practice

The 25 May is finally here.  It won’t have passed any of us by, but some of us have been more hands on with the details than others.  At Untapped, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a fantastic consultant in Data Protection & Privacy and while we had been long complying with the MRS Code of Conduct and existing Data Protection legislation, GDPR has proved to be, in hindsight, a positive opportunity for us. The essence of the Untapped offering is to bridge unarticulated human needs with the design of products and services.  We use a myriad of techniques to get close to people who interact with our clients’ products, services and brands.  In this business, respect is always at the core.  Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking...

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Getting To A Minimum Viable Product

Over recent weeks the question of how to get a minimum viable product has arisen both on a project with a long standing client of Untapped, as well as with the AllBright Academy, an organisation that helps support and fund female business founders, for whom we have created a webinar on the subject.  We wanted to share some thoughts on the topic. Let’s start with a definition.  According to Wikipedia, A minimum viable product (MVP) is a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers, and to provide feedback for future product development.  Some experts suggest that in business to business transactions an MVP also means saleable: "it’s not an MVP until you sell it. Viable means you can sell it.   Iterative Prototyping We believe that before you get to an MVP...

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Innovating in 2017

As Untapped starts the new year, we wanted to stop and think about the challenges ahead for Insight and Innovation.  We use 3 basic ingredients for innovation and believe these are more relevant than ever; 1) What’s needed CONSUMER INSIGHT, 2) What’s possible TECHNOLOGY INSIGHT and 3) What’s future TREND INSIGHT.  Furthermore, we continue to evolve our method for connecting all this insight since we believe that the magic occurs where the connections are made; we do this via our STORY THINKING.  Here, we review each of these and how we’re thinking about them for 2017. Consumer Insight We were reminded by the 2016 MRS Report by the MRS Delphi Group, “Towards an Insight Driven Organisation” of the importance of an insight driven culture and how many organisations are still lagging behind. ...

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The Power of Insight; Pokémon GO

This week we were amused to see a Halloween costume of someone dressed as the Pokémon GO app.  It got us thinking about this whole phenomenon 3 months on from its launch and what the story behind it is. Pokémon GO took a mere 5 days to reach 7.5 million users, a few weeks later hit 100 million downloads and now it’s around 500 million, with over 20 million people using the platform every day.  Beyond the gaming itself, sideline businesses are flourishing.  They are finding new customers and increasing their footfall via offering lures, renaming Pokémons, providing tours and you can even hire a Skype-based Pokémon GO tutor.  PokéScience is being treated like a real science, Pokéanatomy is emerging at the intersection of pop science and pop art and two...

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Digital Alone Isn’t The Future Of Qualitative Research

At Untapped, we find that online research techniques hugely enhance our ethnographic approaches to unearthing deep consumer insight, but aren’t the only answer. In light of the overall trend in increasing usage of mobile technology, we wanted to reflect on the principles that have worked for us in the field of research. There is much in the press on the rise of mobile technology. The 2015 Ericsson Mobility Report predicts that by 2020, there will be 6.1 billion global smartphone users, overtaking those with fixed-line telephone subscriptions. As smartphone usage has soared, consumer interaction with brands has rapidly shifted to mobile. Marketing Week  describes the emergence of mobile only brands such as Atom Bank, the UK’s first mobile-only bank. The world’s most disruptive brands are mobile-only. Uber has changed the way people order transport; Snapchat...

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Product Innovation in Business

A Recipe for Forward Thinking Innovation

It’s very difficult to distill the perfect innovation process. Here are some thoughts on what the recipe could be: 1.  It’s about selecting the right ingredients and connecting them. There are many effective questions you can ask yourself to ensure you unearth different types of insights as your innovation ingredients: Market: What are the business objectives for this innovation? What are the market dynamics at play? Consumer: Who is the target consumer? What are his/her deepest functional and emotional desires and why? Which of these aren’t being met and why not? Product: What could a technology / product offering do to fulfil these desires? Via which mechanisms or sensorial experiences? Trend / Semiotic: What cultural dynamics are at play? What are the future trends and their trajectory within and surrounding the category? 2.  And it’s about...

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innovation research

Efficient Innovation Research

Some days ago I was inspired listening to Luke Mansfield, Head of Product Innovation, Samsung, talk at the Chief Innovation Officer Summit in London about Innovation and Research Fatigue. He shared thought provoking concepts around Creative Destruction and Violent Change in the fast paced Innovation world Samsung is thriving in. He talked about only getting one chance to test new-to-the-world products and how traditional concept tests will kill new product experiences that today’s consumers have no reference point for. This sparked further thoughts on how to design research that efficiently drives the most promising innovation forwards and gives a best ROI of valuable research budgets. Start with the business objective. How often do we hear people say “it would be interesting to understand…” Every step of a research plan must be...

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My New Year’s Resolutions for Innovating Better

Another year arrives and aside from thinking about personal goals, I wanted to think about the most effective ways we at Untapped can help our clients with innovation in 2014. 1.  Ask better questions Each business problem requiring innovation needs careful definition and this means asking the right questions.  Albert Einstein once said, “If I had 20 days to solve a problem, I would spend 19 days to define it.”  When it comes to talking with our target consumer to determine what they need to design an appealing innovation for them, again it’s all about asking the right questions.  For qualitative discussions, open ended questions that keep pursuing the “why?”, “how does that make you feel?” are critical to get to a deeper level for successful innovation.  Rubbish in, rubbish out. 2.  Make...

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emotional innovation

Inventing Emotional Innovation

In today’s world, we know that brands will only be successful if they connect emotionally with their users. This is more straight forward for markets that create an obvious and close bond with consumers such as fashion or travel but how often are we doing this well for more functional markets such as cleaning products or cooking oil?  We tend to be good at identifying the most relevant functional benefits but can stop short of laddering these up to powerful emotional desires that will connect these brands to their consumers and set them apart from their competitors. Unlocking Emotional Insights With different cognitive functions being controlled by different parts of our brains, we need to become adept at accessing and linking our logical, business minded left sides with our creative right sides. ...

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