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by | 16 Jun, 2022 | Untapped Thinking

Join Untapped partner, Sally Kemkers, as she chats with semiotic and cultural brand expert, David Panos about Cultural Insights And Innovation In A Post Pandemic Era.

David is our go-to semiotic and cultural brand expert and we were happy to grab him for a quick conversation about the cultural implications of innovating in a post pandemic world. Discussed during the conversations is the deepening of existing trends such as digitisation, as well as trends becoming contradictory and polarised. They also talk about the challenge these topics create for R&D and brands and how to avoid falling into a rabbit hole of niche trends that can polarise consumers.

Finally, they touch on the topic of the Meta Trend: Convergence. This is where innovation attempts to give consumers previously distinct / opposing products attributes with no downside. In order to do this well, R&D teams will need to evolve away from the siloed culture in-house.

Inspire Magazine is co-created with David and brings you a wide scope of case studies, tasks and tips based on cultural insights for innovation. It’s a great resource to have in your inbox

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Written by Sally Kemkers