Nuffield Research Placements | lesson plans

Case Study
We teamed up with Nuffield Research Placements to continue our annual collaboration and our Social Media Manager, Meg, mentored four students in July 2023 for their two-week placement.

The students listened to our podcast episodes and, in groups, selected the six that interested and inspired them the most.

The task was for the students to explore and research the topics and translate these episodes into lesson plans that were focussed on the featured STEM subject and/or career awareness within this subject.

The Aim

Create useful resources, with activities and materials, that are created for teachers, by students.

We can scale these lesson plans and offer them to schools for the following academic year. They promote creativity in STEM and encourage different sensory learning

The voices of our STEM Untapped student network are at the heart of what we do and it’s important for us that they feel heard and that they are the ones primarily benefitting from our work.

This is why we team up with other organisations who have the same core values as us, on projects that STEM students can participate in and gain experience and skills to help them further their education and their chosen STEM subject.

Following our recent summer collaboration with Nuffield Research placements, we asked the students for their feedback on the project to learn how it helped them individually

Meg, who mentored the students during the placement, noticed how the students gained confidence as the project progressed and they expressed their creativity throughout the lesson plans by creating games, activities and extra resources that teachers can adopt in lessons to promote different sensory learning.

“It was a really insightful project and I enjoyed hearing how the students felt inspired by our network of role models who featured on our podcast episodes.

The participants were really innovative and provided us with cohesive lesson plans which we hope to scale and offer nationally as a resource to schools which has been created by students themselves.”

Meg, Social Media Manager

Gaining feedback like this from the Nuffield Research Placement students reflects what we set out to do, solidifies our mission and encourages us to continue to spread the word and celebrate women in STEM.