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The GCSE Tipping Point

Through research from groups such as WISE and Microsoft we have discovered that one of the most critical points in a student’s STEM career is post GCSE, when a student transitions from studying many subjects, to a few subjects.*

This has been identified as a key attrition or ‘leak’ point for girls in STEM in particular. The data shows that we lose approximately 50% of girls at this time point as many chose non-STEM based subjects. And while many girls wish to continue, they lack the support in order to pursue their STEM dream more confidently. This is even more acutely observed in under-represented sociodemographic and ethnic groups.

Specifically, the STEM support that is lacking today is:

  • Good access to a wide range of female role models in STEM,
  • School and teacher support regarding STEM career options,
  • Encouragement from family or close friends.

At Untapped we are extremely lucky to have access to a diverse range of amazing women in STEM.
* Sources: 1, 2 

As a result, we have chartered a podcast series dedicated to matching under-represented girls with a STEM role model of their choice.

The podcasts will be shared throughout the UK in order to ensure that student interviewers and listeners can hear engaging and informative advice, from inspirational women with a variety of careers in STEM.

Guest Blogs from
Women in STEM

Our Role Models


Untapped girls in STEM is the first bottom up approach I have seen in school. This wasn’t about telling the girls, this was about involving the girls, giving them that sense of ownership, importance and most of all trusting the girls and letting them get on. No hovering over them but giving them the self belief in their future in STEM. The portfolio they could choose from is inspirational not just due to the exceptional women involved but also the great range of careers covered, this wasn’t the usual compartmentalising of jobs we are usually given in school.


Highly recommend. It was an amazing experience and very insightful into the career that I would like to pursue. Very grateful to have the opportunity to take part


I really valued the opportunity to interview a woman in STEM. It was so insightful to understand more about what it will be like to enter a career in STEM and how the perception of women in science is evolving. It’s really inspiring to see brilliant women pioneering industries. The experience was really inspiring and I would really recommend it for those looking into STEM careers


What a fantastic way of connecting professionals with students to explore paths or their interests in a unique way, opening their eyes to the realities of STEM careers and those behind the scenes. This has not only inspired my students to seek more information on their chosen career but built their confidence and communication skills at the same time!


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