How We Work

Our Approach
Our team has a deep background in science, psychology and marketing. With over 15 years each of client-side experience with global blue-chip brands – including managing multi-million pound R&D and innovation budgets – we know all of the challenges associated with innovation, inside out.
We also know that the best way of coming up with genuinely transformative ideas, products and services is by identifying unmet human needs and future trends, and connecting these with new technical possibilities.

Together, we saw the opportunity to connect the dots between these three things.

That’s how Untapped Innovation was born.

Why Untapped?

Because we believe that the best starting point is unleashing the knowledge and expertise that already exists in your team or business. By connecting this with new insights and technical expertise, we help you create improved pathways to transformative innovation.

Working with us means you have senior experts delivering your project every step of the way, supported by our global network of brilliant researchers, scientists and semioticians. You benefit from our hands-on partnership approach, which delivers results and helps maximise your innovation capability and investment.

Our unique blend of expertise, skills, tools and services means we can help you with every stage of your innovation journey, regardless of the scale of the challenge.

Sometimes our customers know exactly what they need, other times we embark on a voyage of discovery together.

Here are three common starting points:

You need to invent something new or envision a new future.

That means getting a clear view of how people, trends and technologies are changing and where the future opportunities will be.

Your new product or service isn’t connecting.

The idea may be a good one, but it isn’t well received by your target market. You need to identify where the usage experience or communication is failing and find a way forward, fast.

You want to improve your innovation skills and culture.

You need to stay on top of new thinking and ensure your team has a strong, sustainable innovation culture to unlock new opportunities and income streams.