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Gargi, Ecologist, Convservationist

Meet Gargi

Gargi is an ecologist with an interest in behavioural ecology & natural history and has been working in the field of wildlife conservation since 2015.

This included working in different types of forests and terrains with multiple non-governmental organisations in India.

Gargi worked as a placement student at the Wildfowl Wetlands Trust, Slimbridge handling one of the biggest amphibian collections in the UK.

Currently, Gargi is working on a research paper with two other researchers.

In her free time, Gargi loves to document the monsoon fauna and the fungi species in Mumbai.

Gargi plans to apply for a full-time PhD in 2024 and continue documenting natural history and learning.

She also plans on completing a few certificate courses by year end which will help her with her PhD application.

Ahmya, AUthor, Advocate & STEAM professional

Meet Ahmya

Ahmya is a sunny student from a rural spot in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

Her passion for creating opportunities for underserved youth ignited in middle school, where she embarked on a path of advocacy and STEAM exploration.

Ahmya, now 18 years old, is a Classroom Speaker, Education/Design Consultant, STEAM professional, Author, and, most importantly, an esteemed advocate.

Her interests lie in educational equity, inclusive design, innovative technology, and effective leadership.

With a flair for infusing fun and creativity into her approach, Ahmya aims to captivate the hearts and minds of diverse young individuals, inspiring them to explore the realms of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

Ahmya’s achievements speak volumes about her commitment to her mission

Beyond her professional endeavors, Ahmya is a spirited explorer who enjoys embarking on road trips, listening to Spotify music while at the gym, and immersing herself in the wonders of museums. Her explorative nature mirrors her ambitious spirit.

Meg, Medical Engineering PHD Student

Meet Meg

After spending most of her life moving schools, Meg has finally settled in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

At school she spent half of her time in the textiles rooms working on a new piece of clothing while the other half was spent in the maths and science building!

Whilst loving the freedom of being creative, designing and making something from scratch Meg also loved the rigidness of STEM subjects for always having a final answer!

She volunteered in Fiji building a women and children’s centre as part of a programme and thoroughly enjoyed the valuable experience.

Meg ended up going to university to study medical engineering and might be biased but says “it’s great because it means you have a chance in making people better, whether that’s through taking medication, medical devices, or rehabilitation.”

Meg is currently doing a PhD which is basically one big science experiment!

She loves getting to help people understand what happens to their brain when they hit their head repeatedly during sports such as football and rugby.

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