Uncovering Barriers to Trial to Spark Winning Claims & Demos

Case Study

The Client

A global home and personal care company with leading supermarket brands.

The Challenge

Develop next generation product and pack design requirements for one of the biggest products in their portfolio in the UK.

Untapped Approach

Innovation Audit: After in-depth discussions with the local and regional teams, alongside detailed data reviews of consumer, technical and competitor data, we were able to diagnose why the product barriers existed and what was needed.

The Innovation Audit uncovered that the offering needed a clear technical USP to convince consumers of the product’s points of difference. It also demonstrated that the brand also needed a fresh, human-led story to bring these points of difference to life.

The Results

Using the output from the Innovation Audit, we applied the Story Spark tool to develop 4 new story opportunities, each with a tool-kit of claims and demos to overcome the barriers to trial.

All resulting claims and demos either matched or were better than the relevant competitor offering. This provided a portfolio of new opportunities to move forward.

“Getting The Most from Your Research and Data”