Not-For-Profit / Services Innovation: Developing coherent stories for a National Charity to appeal to multiple stakeholders and inspire new products and services for the future

Case Study

The Client

A national charity and community of stakeholders creating sustainable networks and programs to help children and young people improve their mental health via sport and community-based activities.

The Challenge

Develop a coherent story to inspire and appeal to five very different stakeholders, as well as garner support, increase fund-raising results, and drive an increased return on charity investment.

Untapped Approach

Innovation Audit: We unlocked five different stakeholder perspectives and deep insights in order to find common ground for story development.

Invent, Design & Optimise: Story Spark was used to develop a portfolio of different scalable communication platforms, appealing to all five stakeholders, yet targeted enough to be specific and meaningful for each.

Innovation Strategy: Via co-creation with critical team members, we developed a strategic framework to inspire shorter and longer-term communication opportunities.

The Results

The primary outcome of working together with SportInspired was three new breakthrough stories. The first was used internally to inform the mission and vision for the newly-formed charity. The second and third stories were designed to appeal to their diverse group of stakeholders, for both shorter and longer ‘pitch’ times.

All three stories has also enabled the internal team to design and develop new products and services for the future.

“The key benefits of our work with Untapped are three-fold. Firstly, we created a new level of confidence in our team and, even though I didn’t think it was possible, an even bigger commitment from everyone that works here, through the use of a clear, shared, inspiring narrative. Secondly, we can now use one shared approach to comms when connecting with each of our diverse stakeholders, which has increased the speed at which we can respond to requests for information and proposals. Finally, I feel this process has given us a stronger commercial confidence, deepened some of our favourite corporate relationships, and built new relationships.”

Pete Thomand | SportInspired Co-Founder & Trustee