Identifying Transformative Ideas Together With Detailed Product Briefs in Food & Beverage

Case Study

The Client

Global FMCG brand that wanted to generate a portfolio of consumer-based ideas within the “premium” space of a core category.

The Challenge

Developing a strong portfolio of consumer-based innovation ideas for a category, and clearly translating these ideas into tangible product briefs, so the client knows what transformative innovation to focus on – and how to do it. An important part of this was giving clear definition of the key product and pack attributes and cues for desirability and “premium” qualities.

Untapped Approach

Innovation Audit: To identify insights and knowledge gaps and define a research plan.

Future Forecasting & Human Insight: To identify the ideal experience for the consumer (and how this will evolve in the future) by building on existing data.

Product Insight: To deconstruct the product/pack experience with consumers in order to identify the precise attributes, cues and features that drive desire, delight and a sense of “premium”.

Invent, Develop, Optimise: We led the team through Story-based ideation to generate multiple ideas which were tested and refined.

The Results

We translated these ideas into tangible product models, with clear, actionable product briefs. This resulted in the client developing a strong portfolio of consumer-led, ready-to-prototype ideas, all fit for purpose within the premium space of the relevant category.

“Untapped combined consumer insight and future trends together with detailed product insight. This meant we could generate great ideas thanks to understanding which features and cues were critical to drive winning propositions within the premium space of our category”

R&D Director