Envisioning the Future Human Needs of a Core Category

Case Study

The Client

Global FMCG, seeking to identify emerging human needs and cultural forces to provide a clear focus for its innovation program.

The Challenge

To envision the long-term future of a core category. In particular they were seeking external expert perspectives to pinpoint how consumers’ lives and needs will change, and to identify the most important innovation opportunities.

Untapped Approach

Global Gurus: Two external “thought-leader” panels designed and convened, across three diverse global regions. One of the panels was of cultural and future trends experts, and the other with cutting-edge “future-focused” consumers.

Human Insight: We explored future scenarios, identifying emerging human needs in the context of future living.

The Results

Alongside the client we developed a 12-year vision for the future of their category, identifying emerging human needs and cultural forces. From there, we identified clear priority spaces for innovation, with models for the new ideal experiences for the consumers of the future.

“Untapped’s Thought-leader panel and Future Consumer research gave us transformative, rich insight into the future of our consumers and our category, which was distilled into clear opportunities for us to action.”

R&D Innovation Strategy Leader