Development and Optimisation of Next Gen Products and Packs in Personal Care

Case Study

The Client

A global home and personal care company with leading supermarket brands.

The Challenge

Develop next generation product and pack design requirements for one of the biggest products in their portfolio in the UK.

Untapped Approach

Story Spark: Following a DeepReal Research, Destinations and Design Ideal program, we connected new human and technical insights to create four new story opportunities. Each opportunity had a set of truly human-centred product and pack design cues, along with complementary concepts and ideas.

Prototype & Test: We then ran a Sprint with the project team to further develop & refine the product and pack stimulus. We prepared a 3D ‘stimulus box’ for each story and reviewed these boxes with consumers to identify which product and pack features were driving most appeal. The results led to three actionable MVPs to take forward into development.

The Results

The MVPs were further developed and scaled up as prototypes for large-scale consumer testing. Results showed that all three prototypes were superior to all internal and external benchmarks, and obtained the highest ever category results.

“The MVPs developed with Untapped led to three prototypes and we have blown it out of the park. Each prototype met every action standard, beating internal and external benchmarks on critical metrics. We are beyond delighted with the results, and we wouldn’t be where we are now without your work.”

R&D Director