OnTap Innovation Gym Webinar: Untapping Innovation Value From Your Existing Assets

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by | 12 Apr, 2021 | Untapped Thinking

Unlocking Innovation Value With Your Existing Assets

Wednesday 12th May at 12 pm GMT

Webinar Outline

We firmly believe that every business, no matter how big or small, is sitting on riches or ‘assets’ that are lying dormant or underused. Before we commission new research or develop new ideas, we spend time with our clients using a process called ‘Asset Mining’. Our first OnTap Innovation Gym webinar is designed to share WHY this process is valuable and give you tips to get started with your own ‘asset mining’.

Session Outline

1. What Is Asset Mining and Why Do It?

2. Three top tips to help get you started

3. Guest discussion:

What are the barriers that prevent businesses from extracting more innovation and value from their existing assets? And what systems can be put in place in order to overcome these barriers?

Discussion is with Rob Morgan Sir Julian Hodge Chair and Professor of Marketing & Strategy at Cardiff University and Youmna Mouhamad, Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellow at University of South Wales & Director of Myana Naturals.

Your three practical take aways:

  1. How to think about your existing assets in a new way
  2. How to start asset mining to unlock new innovation value
  3. How to be aware of the barriers that can prevent you from extracting value, and how to overcome them

The OnTap Innovation Gym webinar will start at 12pm and finish at 12.30pm. Please register your interest via our LinkedIn events page. Untapped Partner, Deirdre Walters will be facilitating the session.

We hope to see you there.

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Written by Deirdre Walters