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At Untapped Innovation, we’re often asked to deliver training to help meet a specific project need or client objective. We recently led an Ideal Product Modelling (IPM) workshop for Perrigo, a consumer healthcare client in Dublin, and with the aid of some Innovation Gym blueprints, which helped us to visualise the course content in a bespoke way, the R&D participants were able to ‘learn by doing’.

Following this training session, and some very positive feedback from the client, we thought we’d share some insights about how Untapped Innovation delivers its bespoke training. Find out more from two of our co-founding partners, Deirdre and Sally…

Q: How does this workshop demonstrate Innovation Gym’s Expert Training?

Deirdre: This client team had been through our Innovation Gym training program and specifically found the Ideal Product Model module very valuable. 

They wanted to scale up the use of Ideal Product Model blueprints more broadly across their organisation, to drive user-led technology development, and they asked Untapped Innovation to tailor the online training, and accelerate the learning for over 70 R&D individuals.

I wish I had met Untapped years ago, the insights shared in this workshop are going to make our R&D program much faster with much better ROI, thank you.

Senior formulator, skin care.

Q: How do you balance ‘theory’ and ‘practical’ learning with the training workshops?

Sally: We design a mix of short theory including case studies to bring it to life, interspersed with plenty of learning-by-doing, using the Ideal Product Model blueprint on the client’s projects.

Q: What principles from Innovation Gym do you apply to bespoke training workshops and how do you apply them?

Deirdre: We use very similar principles to Innovation Gym in the bespoke training workshops. Both in this workshop and Innovation Gym, we …

  1. divided the content into 3 x ‘circuits’ with ‘reps’ in order to break the learning points down and make them easy to understand and reapply.
  2. applied the content with a ‘learn by doing’ approach to real-world case studies, ensuring that participants can instantly apply the skills.
  3. delivered with expert trainers, who have consistently applied the thinking to diverse businesses and sectors, sharing their stories and expertise.

Q: How does in-person training compare to online?

Deirdre: We use the very same Ideal Product Model blueprint principles as seen in the online training:

  1. First: we start from the user ‘jobs to be done’ to ensure that any new technology will help consumers to do something new.
  2. Second: we identify attributes and features that will drive trial and repeat rates by being specifically informed by the jobs.
  3. Third: we zoom in on mechanisms and measures to bring new technology to life in believable, measurable ways.

Unlike the online training, we use bespoke client-based case studies to bring the learning to life and drive immediate action on the client’s upcoming projects.

I loved your workshop, it was so inspiring to really learn by doing, I feel really empowered to use these tools to elevate my product development program.

Senior product developer, consumer healthcare.

Q: How will this workshop deliver instant impact?

Sally: Since the team were applying the Ideal Product Model blueprint to their live projects, this enabled them to see immediate progress and it also means that they can keep going with the approach as they go back to their projects. They discussed what they can start to do differently right away.

How we applied the ‘learn by doing’ approach and made it stick

The larger team was split into lots of smaller sub-teams, who worked through a couple of ‘learn by doing’ exercises and the trainers were on hand to discuss questions throughout. The first exercise was designed to get the teams used to working with the Ideal Product Model blueprint and the second exercise used another case study with more in-depth consumer insight, as their proficiency levels increased. In order to make the training stick, we utilised variety, repetition, some story-telling and large real templates, with post it notes for everyone to get involved.

If our insights from Deirdre and Sally have got you fired up about our Innovation Gym training, why not talk to us about your objectives and how we can help you and your team to meet them:  

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