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OnTap Innovation Gym Webinar: Untapping Innovation Value From Your Existing Assets

Unlocking Innovation Value With Your Existing Assets Wednesday 12th May at 12 pm GMT Register Here Webinar Outline We firmly believe that every business, no matter how big or small, is sitting on riches or ‘assets’ that are lying dormant or underused. Before we commission new research or develop...

Feature: Girls in STEM

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The best tech-for-good innovations of 2020

The best tech-for-good innovations of 2020

The world faces a range of enormous challenges in the 21st century, including climate change, extreme poverty, health pandemics and many other crises.  But while finding solutions to these issues won’t be an easy task, technological advancements and deep user...

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The Importance Of Culture When Innovating

Working with clients in the food and drink sector recently reminded us of the value to deeply understand the culture of a category within its country or region. This type of understanding must delve back into history, look at how the culture evolves over time and also...

Hunting growth in the third sector

At Untapped, we are passionate about giving back, and ensure that we donate our time to good causes and third sector groups every year such as SportInspired, The British Science Association and WISE (Women in STEM).  We think innovation is important in every part...

2019 Degree show round up – 4 Big Themes

At Untapped, we are passionate about connecting human needs, technical possibilities and future trends, and nowhere is this seen more brilliantly than the year end degree shows of some of the UK’s best university programs. This year we visited University Of The Arts...

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