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Magical Stories: 5 Lessons for Innovation

We love how stories are so central to human experiences and how powerful they are in connecting with people. As we all head back to work, school and reality after the summer holiday season, we give you five lessons on why stories help us innovate:   1. Stories Connect with the Head and the...

Feature: Girls in STEM

Girls in STEM Mentor: Grow the food we need to get to Mars

Girls in STEM Mentor: Grow the food we need to get to Mars

Our girls in STEM mentor, Jan Choudhury, discusses how science can take you to the stars quite literally if you choose to take that path. And how her career evolved to incorporate both art and science. A career in science will enable you to travel the world – and...

What’s New In Human Insight Methodologies?

What’s New In Human Insight Methodologies?

The world moving online over the past year has necessitated innovation in market research methodologies. With digital techniques already prominent in every researcher's toolbox, there was a broader need to adopt and accelerate online methods that capture actual human...

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5 Top Tips For Online Ideation Success

1. Time Manage time expectations more realistically. It is important to overestimate the time participants need rather than underestimate. Running over feels slightly more intense when you are in front of a screen so allow for a 30 minute overrun to manage...

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