Stuck In A Reorg-Rut? Tips To Get You Inventing Ideas Again

Stuck In A Reorg-Rut? Tips To Get You Inventing Ideas Again

With over 80% of our clients going through a reorganisation in the last 12 months we frequently see first-hand the effect on innovation output – plenty of ‘innovation inertia’. While reorganising can be the right course of action in response to new business development, workplace efficiencies or address specific shareholder concerns, it frequently has a detrimental effect on innovation, especially in the short-medium term. In ‘Re-Org – How To Get It Right’ (Harvard Business Review) it’s states No other management practice creates more anxiety and fear among employees or does more to distract them from their day-to-day jobs’. Not exactly an environment to inspire new ideas.


In our experience at Untapped, there are some really quick and easy approaches that you can use to help inspire new thinking, get ideas off the ground and start to pick up some much needed momentum to get things moving again.

Get Out

New schools of thought are emerging on co-working spaces which show that individuals who work in these environments have higher levels of meaningful work, more job control and more feeling of community ( Could you work here occasionally to access freelance talent, potential start up collaborations and thought leadership through these emerging talent-pools and locations?

And beyond finding a new desk and a new community we are big fans of taking advantage of a wide variety of events to keep us fresh e.g. ‘The Future Starts Here’ exhibition at the V&A or the London Design Biennale’s installations on emotional states. We recommend for a super list of upcoming events that can inspire new thoughts and unexpected connections.

Get Connected

All too often, research is conducted through a detached quantitative, ‘claimed behaviour’ lens making many projects data rich, but incredibly insight poor. To very quickly unlock, deep category insights and big new ideas, we recommend ‘in the moment’ research with very carefully chosen creative and articulate people. Getting out, into their homes, alongside their commutes, or their shopping trips ensures that the insight data is fresh and relevant. If budget and time were no object, we would always do this research face-face, but with the fast emergence of quality online methods such as QMob, Incling, LiveMinds, Skype and others we find many of these ‘in the moment’ tools allow us to be alongside our respondents, gathering their thoughts and feelings without breaking the budget or slowing the project timeline. Before commissioning another long quantitative test, what emotional insights could you gather quickly ‘in the moment’ and maximise your overall RoI?

Get Fast Feedback

All too often great ideas can be slowed or muted by internal debate culture. Recent projects have allowed us to move client teams from brief to multiple winning ideas in less than 8 weeks and most of this momentum was due to rapid feedback on ideas, either in the concept or early prototype phase. ‘Design Sprint’ by Jake Knapp showcases a great 5-step process, developed by Google Ventures where they aim to ‘shortcut the endless debate cycle and compress months of time into a single week’. With this thinking in mind, what could you conceptualise or prototype quickly, allowing you to get fast feedback and clear direction setting?


If you would like to discuss any of these momentum-driving approaches with Untapped you can reach us at or via our LinkedIn page at

Deirdre Walters
Deirdre Walters
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Deirdre is fascinated by the diversity of Untapped clients, and enjoys working with them to reduce innovation uncertainty, translating complex consumer and technology insights into actionable business recommendations.

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