Semiotics, Culture & AI Trend Scanning

Identifying emerging cultural forces and trends to inspire future innovation

We know that even the most cutting-edge users in your category can’t tell you what the future will be.

We work with global experts in Culture, Trends and Semiotics (the study of signs, symbols and meaning within culture) to identify forces that are shaping your category and highlight emerging human needs.

We can map your product or brand in this shifting landscape and explore adjacent categories and trends to provoke new thinking in your innovation space.

We can incorporate AI-driven “horizon scanning” into our approach, which analyses data from thought-leaders and pioneers at the cutting edge of your category.

But this isn’t about writing a trend report that gathers dust on your desk. We translate this rich inspiration into tangible opportunity spaces, and clear “so whats” to guide your innovation work.

Service(s) that use these tools

Future Forecasting

Keep on top of the trends that matter