Product & Service Insight

Translate human insights into tangible products, services and technology

When you need to understand how your users interact with your product, technology or service, and how they may wish to in the future, we can help. Our sophisticated research techniques will give you deep insights to guide not only what you develop, but how to go about it.

Great For

When you want to translate human insights into a more ideal product/service design

Case Study

Identifying Transformative Ideas Together With Detailed Product Briefs in Food & Beverage

Our Tools


Multi-Sensory User Research

Using approaches such as Attribute Mapping, UX Mapping, Trend-Led Stimulus to identify what features could drive your product/service innovation.

Design Ideal

Moving rapidly to identify clear Product/Service Models, with attribute Hard and Soft Points and Specifications.

Investment & IP Strategy

Using a Human-led and Story-Led approach, we help you identify the big bets in your technology pipelines that will drive successful new propositions and guide investment choices in the future.

“Untapped combined consumer insight and future trends together with detailed product insight. This meant we could generate great ideas thanks to understanding which features and cues were critical to drive winning propositions within the premium space of our category”

R&D Director