Human Insight

A deeper understanding of human needs, desires and behaviours

We know that the best innovations meet both current and emerging human needs and desires. We use cutting-edge techniques to uncover deep, often unarticulated, insights. Our team then translates this into an actionable model of the ideal human experience to guide your innovation efforts.

Great For

Getting to the core of human needs, desires and behaviours

Case Study

Deep Human Insight to Identify How to Deliver Better Experiences in Healthcare Products

Our Tools


DeepReal Research

We use a range of methodologies including Ethnography, Immersion Research, Agile Online Communities, Digital and Video Diaries to get to deeper, real, in-context human insight.

Human Analytics

We uncover insight from behavioural data through techniques, such as Social Listening, bespoke surveys, video analysis and Data Analytics.


We integrate and translate the human insights into clearly mapped models of the Ideal Experience for your user/consumer, identifying emotional and functional jobs to be done to guide new product/service design.

“Untapped are uniquely able to deeply understand the consumer as well as product technology. They have delivered another great piece of work, identifying a rigorous technical model and multiple opportunity spaces for future innovation.”

Director of Consumer Innovation