Decoding Habits: Can Neuroscience Help us Build Better Product Attachment?

Later this month, entrepreneurs, innovators, designers and marketers will gather in Stanford for the 2016 Habit Summit.  Thought leaders in consumer psychology, design and behavioural science will help delegates try to figure out how to build consumer habits and design engaging products.  There’s plenty of established wisdom in this area from psychology and behavioural studies – take for example, the best-selling book “Hooked” from one of the keynote speakers, Nir Eyal.  This powerful model shows how successful habit-forming products such as Facebook are those that take consumers repeatedly through phases of Trigger, Action, Reward and Investment. At Untapped, we are always looking at both the science and art of innovation.  So we were intrigued to read in NewScientist about recent studies that are decoding the brain circuitry associated with habit formation....

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