Technology Strategy

Seeking the Emotional – Functional Balance

The term ‘jobs to be done’ is widely accepted as a way to unlock new innovation opportunities for products and services by starting to ask ‘what job is it doing?’ First coined by Clayton Christensen as a means to look at customer motivations, at Untapped we approach it a little differently, pushing the ‘jobs’ concept even further to seek an innate balance between functional and emotional jobs required of any product or service in order to succeed.   Functional Jobs ‘The function of design is letting design function’ (Micha Commeren). The product must work. It must work effortlessly and intuitively. We hear this again and again but what is effortless and intuitive? These broad ideas must be broken down further into specific functional jobs that the product must deliver to the end user. To...

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fuel innovation

Could you fuel your innovation by re-awakening great technology?

January sees one of the most tense and eagerly anticipated events in space exploration as the European Space Agency (ESA) attempts to bring the Rosetta spacecraft back online and set it on course to rendez-vous with Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.  The probe was originally launched in March 2004, and has since been on an epic journey through the solar system before being put into hibernation in June 2011 to preserve energy. Once revived, scientists will attempt to make it land and “piggy-back” on Comet 67P as it makes its closest approach to the sun, revealing new insights about comets – which are probably the most primitive bodies in the Solar System and preserve the earliest record of material from the nebula out of which our Sun and planets were formed. So what has this...

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