Story Design

Human Stories, Not Big Data, Are The Heart Of Innovation

Innovation is one of those words that you hear everywhere with lots written about how to do it most effectively.  But when faced with the task of innovating, it can be a bit daunting to know where to start. Often the first place to start is to get data on your customer or market.  Data feels safe and reliable in the uncertain world of innovation - often the bigger the data, the better. There is no doubt that Big Data is incredibly useful and increasingly sophisticated analytics allow automated connectivity of big data to guide smart, fast decision making at a strategic level.  But too often we see clients who are awash with data and still don’t know where to go next when designing their products or services. The problem is that while...

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Story – A Must Do For Any Brand, Product Or Organisation Who Wants to Engage & Connect

A recent Sunday Times article grabbed our attention when it quoted Debelle de Montby’s review of the changing consumer demands in China, ‘The key lies in telling better stories, not adding new storeys to flagship shops. Chinese consumers expect a narrative from brands. They want to be charmed to think a label would like them as part of their story." And we see this beyond China. In every part of the world consumers are becoming more discerning about the brands and products that they choose, and the best story-tellers are rising to the top. So why do so many brands operate without a story? And why do so many attempts at story-telling fall flat? We believe that too often products are rushed into market without thinking about the connection that the...

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world book day

World Book Day – 5 Lessons for Innovation

March 6th is World Book Day, when hundreds of children celebrate authors, reading and stories. Many venture to school dressed as their favourite story character with improvised costumes and props. Reading and story-craft workshops take place instead of normal lessons. This reminds us of how central stories are to human experiences, and how powerful they are in connecting with people. So, even if you don’t want to dress up, here are 5 lessons that stories can give us to help us innovate: 1) Stories Connect with the Head and the Heart. Data, facts and models do not There are some fantastic, beautifully-illustrated factual books for children that they can pore over and learn from. But no child on World Book Day is going to come to school dressed as a fact from an...

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hidden stories

Hidden Stories Unlock Big Business Results

Concept development is the key innovation starting block for many businesses. A concept is usually a 3-sentence summary of an idea that contains an insight, a benefit and a reason to believe. Concepts are important as they challenge the business team to ensure that their new idea is single minded and can be communicated well as they go to market. So why do so many organizations struggle with concept development? And why do so many concepts fail to deliver innovation results that grow the business? Stop & Think - Find the Underpinning Story then Write the Concept All too often concepts are written from top-line consumer and technology understanding. Organisations are used to running at break neck speed and innovation through concept development is no exception. By pausing, taking the time to...

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