How Microsegmentation Can Augment Traditional Segmentation Models To Create Ultimate Consumer Delight

Consumer and market segmentation models have been some of the most powerful tools for marketers and product designers over the last two decades. A lot of new thinking has happened since I first got involved in segmentation work about 15 years ago. This blog reviews some of the most popular approaches and implications for product designers and marketers. Recent models refer to micro-segmentation and customisation. In my opinion, these offer even more opportunities to create personalised experiences to truly delight consumers and build lasting brand engagement and loyalty. NEEDS-BASED SEGMENTATION – SERVING DIFFERENT NEEDS TO SIMPLIFY COMPLEX CATEGORIES Needs-based segmentation is a powerful tool to develop targeted propositions in complex, developed categories. Products and services can be tailored to consumers’ specific needs, driving differentiation, and scale can be achieved by keeping common platforms....

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