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Agile Research Tools for 2019 Part 2: De-Risking Innovation With The Right Blend Of Research

At Untapped, we feel that all good innovation comes from the resolution of a BIG tension – and nowhere do we see this more acutely than in the world of insight and ideas research. Often in the same breath, clients will tell us: ‘We need exciting, emotional insights and know qualitative research can unlock these’, but … ‘We really need the rigour of quantitative research to be sure of the data afterwards’. Combine this with: ‘We really need to focus on inventing for the future’,but … ‘We can’t alienate today’s consumer base’. And then overlay with the reality of operating in the challenges of today’s world: ‘I need results fast, really fast’, but … ‘My budget is much smaller than before, and my growth targets are the same (or higher)’.   So how can we help our clients de-risk their...

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GDPR: Human Centred Good Practice

The 25 May is finally here.  It won’t have passed any of us by, but some of us have been more hands on with the details than others.  At Untapped, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a fantastic consultant in Data Protection & Privacy and while we had been long complying with the MRS Code of Conduct and existing Data Protection legislation, GDPR has proved to be, in hindsight, a positive opportunity for us. The essence of the Untapped offering is to bridge unarticulated human needs with the design of products and services.  We use a myriad of techniques to get close to people who interact with our clients’ products, services and brands.  In this business, respect is always at the core.  Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking...

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The Importance Of In-Context Research

Artificial Settings Lead To Artificial Responses No respondent sets out to be untruthful when doing research, but sometimes the act of sitting in a stuffy room, with 4 or 5 people they have never met, being asked questions about things they don’t normally talk or think about can dramatically influence the quality of how people respond. Respondents can over-intellectualise responses or forget important factors completely as the settings are out of context. We think the best way to invent breakthrough products and services is to visit people and understand them in their natural environment e.g. discuss their favourite food in their kitchens, beauty products in their bathrooms, or portable electronics on their commute.   What Can You Do When You Can’t (Or Shouldn’t) Be There? If budget and time were...

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Digital Alone Isn’t The Future Of Qualitative Research

At Untapped, we find that online research techniques hugely enhance our ethnographic approaches to unearthing deep consumer insight, but aren’t the only answer. In light of the overall trend in increasing usage of mobile technology, we wanted to reflect on the principles that have worked for us in the field of research. There is much in the press on the rise of mobile technology. The 2015 Ericsson Mobility Report predicts that by 2020, there will be 6.1 billion global smartphone users, overtaking those with fixed-line telephone subscriptions. As smartphone usage has soared, consumer interaction with brands has rapidly shifted to mobile. Marketing Week  describes the emergence of mobile only brands such as Atom Bank, the UK’s first mobile-only bank. The world’s most disruptive brands are mobile-only. Uber has changed the way people order transport; Snapchat...

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Efficient Innovation Research

Some days ago I was inspired listening to Luke Mansfield, Head of Product Innovation, Samsung, talk at the Chief Innovation Officer Summit in London about Innovation and Research Fatigue. He shared thought provoking concepts around Creative Destruction and Violent Change in the fast paced Innovation world Samsung is thriving in. He talked about only getting one chance to test new-to-the-world products and how traditional concept tests will kill new product experiences that today’s consumers have no reference point for. This sparked further thoughts on how to design research that efficiently drives the most promising innovation forwards and gives a best ROI of valuable research budgets. Start with the business objective. How often do we hear people say “it would be interesting to understand…” Every step of a research plan must be...

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