The Power of Insight; Pokémon GO

This week we were amused to see a Halloween costume of someone dressed as the Pokémon GO app.  It got us thinking about this whole phenomenon 3 months on from its launch and what the story behind it is. Pokémon GO took a mere 5 days to reach 7.5 million users, a few weeks later hit 100 million downloads and now it’s around 500 million, with over 20 million people using the platform every day.  Beyond the gaming itself, sideline businesses are flourishing.  They are finding new customers and increasing their footfall via offering lures, renaming Pokémons, providing tours and you can even hire a Skype-based Pokémon GO tutor.  PokéScience is being treated like a real science, Pokéanatomy is emerging at the intersection of pop science and pop art and two...

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Why are Insights so often misunderstood and underutilised? Over the last few years, I had the privilege of spending a lot of time working with teams to find and activate insights to develop products, innovation pipelines and communication strategies. It’s been very rewarding to help teams on their journey, and I realised that there a lot of common challenges teams face when working on insights. I’d like to offer my personal view on insights – and, propose a different spelling: “in-sight” to hardwire the connection between insight and action. So, what is an insight? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as: in·sight noun \?in-?s?t\ : the ability to understand people and situations in a very clear way : an understanding of the true nature of something But is this really sufficient enough to fuel innovation? An understanding of the “true...

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emotional innovation

Inventing Emotional Innovation

In today’s world, we know that brands will only be successful if they connect emotionally with their users. This is more straight forward for markets that create an obvious and close bond with consumers such as fashion or travel but how often are we doing this well for more functional markets such as cleaning products or cooking oil?  We tend to be good at identifying the most relevant functional benefits but can stop short of laddering these up to powerful emotional desires that will connect these brands to their consumers and set them apart from their competitors. Unlocking Emotional Insights With different cognitive functions being controlled by different parts of our brains, we need to become adept at accessing and linking our logical, business minded left sides with our creative right sides. ...

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