Innovation Strategy

Innovating in 2017

As Untapped starts the new year, we wanted to stop and think about the challenges ahead for Insight and Innovation.  We use 3 basic ingredients for innovation and believe these are more relevant than ever; 1) What’s needed CONSUMER INSIGHT, 2) What’s possible TECHNOLOGY INSIGHT and 3) What’s future TREND INSIGHT.  Furthermore, we continue to evolve our method for connecting all this insight since we believe that the magic occurs where the connections are made; we do this via our STORY THINKING.  Here, we review each of these and how we’re thinking about them for 2017. Consumer Insight We were reminded by the 2016 MRS Report by the MRS Delphi Group, “Towards an Insight Driven Organisation” of the importance of an insight driven culture and how many organisations are still lagging behind. ...

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generation z

Natural Born Creators: What Innovators need to know about Gen Z

Cultural observers and marketers have started to shift their attention away from Millenials to the generation that is coming after them: so-called Gen Z. Roughly defined as those born between 1995 – 2010, this influential group has high spending potential and a radically different view of the world and their place in it. This is a generation that has grown up in times of economic and global uncertainty. As a result, they feel less entitled and tend to take a pragmatic view that you have to create and take opportunities for yourself. So while marketers try to define how to reach this new audience, what should innovators know about Gen Z?   They have instinctive understanding of technology and expect immediate and continuous connectivity These are the first real Digital Natives, many of whom...

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Product Innovation in Business

A Recipe for Forward Thinking Innovation

It’s very difficult to distill the perfect innovation process. Here are some thoughts on what the recipe could be: 1.  It’s about selecting the right ingredients and connecting them. There are many effective questions you can ask yourself to ensure you unearth different types of insights as your innovation ingredients: Market: What are the business objectives for this innovation? What are the market dynamics at play? Consumer: Who is the target consumer? What are his/her deepest functional and emotional desires and why? Which of these aren’t being met and why not? Product: What could a technology / product offering do to fulfil these desires? Via which mechanisms or sensorial experiences? Trend / Semiotic: What cultural dynamics are at play? What are the future trends and their trajectory within and surrounding the category? 2.  And it’s about...

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My New Year’s Resolutions for Innovating Better

Another year arrives and aside from thinking about personal goals, I wanted to think about the most effective ways we at Untapped can help our clients with innovation in 2014. 1.  Ask better questions Each business problem requiring innovation needs careful definition and this means asking the right questions.  Albert Einstein once said, “If I had 20 days to solve a problem, I would spend 19 days to define it.”  When it comes to talking with our target consumer to determine what they need to design an appealing innovation for them, again it’s all about asking the right questions.  For qualitative discussions, open ended questions that keep pursuing the “why?”, “how does that make you feel?” are critical to get to a deeper level for successful innovation.  Rubbish in, rubbish out. 2.  Make...

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