Human vs. Tech Led Innovation: Who Will Win?

At Untapped we’re always interested in how people see human vs. tech led innovation. This week the very fabulous Erin Baker has given us her expert opinion. Erin is New Car Editorial Director at Auto Trader. She acts as consultant to Goodwood on their motoring content and is the former Motoring Editor of The Daily Telegraph. She appears on Sky News and BBC 5Live as a talking head on automotive matters and contributes to Vanity Fair' s En Route supplement. Here’s what she had to say …   Cars have always been at the front of technology-led innovation; the automotive industry has had to disrupt, diversify and innovate to survive the vagueries of economical and environmental challenges for over 100 years. But cars aren't robots: they're cherished personal possessions, and expensive ones at that....

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Weaving Future Concepts

Over the past 6 years Untapped has been busy building an incredible network of global freelance talent - from industrial designers, to futurists, to digital / data analysts & beyond. Our extended network of over 50 carefully chosen connections has played a vital role on our client projects and critically informing how we think and evolve as an innovation agency. Over the coming months we will feature guest blogs to share their talent with you. This blog introduces Steph Rolph, a leading textile designer & material futurist who specializes in the intersect between craft & digital. Enjoy!   Who Weaves In 2018? When I introduce myself as a weaver the most common response is: “what do you make?” Unlike my ancestors who wove cloth to clothe or baskets to carry, I do not weave things as such....

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