SME/Start-up Innovation: Developing innovative ideas to transform and future-proof the UX for a young, Fashion-Tech Start-up

Case Study

The Client

A young, fashion-tech start-up company with AI and machine learning capability, able to recommend clothing online.

The Challenge

To develop innovative ideas to transform the UX, making it more “human”, more engaging, and more future-proofed.

Untapped Approach

Innovation Audit: To identify knowledge gaps, trends and future opportunity spaces.

Future Forecasting: To identify emergent needs and trends in online services and fashion.

Human Insight: Research to define target users and develop an Ideal Experience Model based on their emotional and functional needs.

Product/Tech Insight: To develop an ideal product (UX) model and MVP, which was prototyped and optimised through co-creation.

Idea Development- Invent, Develop, Optimise: To generate and enhance a range of innovative UX prototype ideas.

The Results

The client was able to transform their UX, based on the innovation ideas, making it more human, engaging and valuable to the target users.

They also developed a robust pipeline of innovation ideas for the future and robust strategy based on a clear picture of the real human needs and future forces.

“The combination of tech and human-led research techniques that Untapped used allowed us to keep to a tight budget, and move quickly to design a very human-centred proposition”