FMCG Innovation: Developing future focused ideas and innovation platforms to build consumer loyalty in Consumer Healthcare

Case Study

The Client

R&D team within a global consumer healthcare company, working closely together with Marketing stakeholders.

The Challenge

To develop future focused ideas and innovation platforms in order to build consumer loyalty and regain own-label defectors, for one of their leading brands.

Untapped Approach

Innovation Audit: To identify insights and knowledge gaps and define a research plan.

Future Forecasting: To identify globally emergent trends and cultural insights.

Human Insight: DeepReal Research to develop Destinations based on emotional and functional needs.

Product Insight: Alongside stretch stimulus to co-create an Ideal Product model.

Invent, Design & Optimise: Story Spark was used to develop a pipeline of product ideas. 13 of these ideas were then optimised qualitatively via an online community then further quantified in two countries.

Innovation Strategy: To guide an R&D technology platform programme and also a business portfolio strategy

The Results

Five of the new product ideas developed met stringent success criteria in two countries.  These were recommended for further R&D and commercial development spanning short and longer-term pipelines across different strategic consumer targets.

In addition, the client team were left with eight redefined technology platforms, detailed product specifications, and five story directions, complete with communication toolboxes.

“Untapped were highly collaborative and skilled partners, leading us on our innovation journey from in-depth consumer understanding to product co-creation and idea qualification. Within a very narrow product design scope, they unearthed new consumer insights, cutting edge cultural trends and big opportunity spaces. They then globally qualified multiple platform technology ideas, which are driving our R&D innovation program today.”

Senior R&D Director | Global Consumer Healthcare Company